Monday, September 27, 2010

Small "Eternity" Mirror

Made this to use as part of the decorations for a wedding shower this past Saturday.

I do love the Etch creme.

I bought a small beveled mirror from Michaels.  I think it was around $5.50 before using the 40% off coupon.

Stopped by a friend's house and she cut the "Eternity" out with the vinyl since she has one of those kinds of machines and I don't since I didn't win a Silhouette after entering a million contests along with 55,423 other people trying to win one because I wanted one really bad but I'm not bitter or anything just glad I have a nice friend willing to help me out since I didn't win one and all but I'm not bitter or anything

Oh yeah, where was I.  Anyway, just brought that stencil home, used the Armour Etch and this is what we got.  Took practically no time.  It would have taken even less time if I had my own Silhouette machine but I don't because I didn't win one but I'm not bitter or anything

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