Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Girl's Pocketbook

The Cutie Pie has been invited to a birthday party this Saturday, so I offered to make something for her to take as a gift.  Her choices were a pocketbook, backpack or an apron.  She chose pocketbook.

I took my favorite adult pocketbook pattern, which, unfortunately, is now out of print, and reduced it to 65%.  That makes is just the right size for a pre-schooler.

This pattern is quick and easy but I really love how it finishes up.  I make them for different seasons.

Here's the birthday bag and a little wallet to match, made from scraps.  The birthday girl takes dance, so I chose this piece of pink corduroy with ballet slippers on it.

Stockings for Wedding Gifts

Because people keep insisting on getting married, I decided a couple of years ago that Christmas stockings would be a gift that would be personal and different.  I've made quite a few lately.  When a couple gets married close to Christmas, I'm able to get a little ornament to go along with the stockings.  However, when they get married in 100 degree weather, they're fresh out of luck.

Hancock Fabric has Christmas material on sale right now, so I usually stock up, go ahead and make the bottoms of the stockings and have them on hand.  Since it's easier to embroider the names onto a single layer of fabric, I wait and finish the tops (cuffs) when I need them for a gift.

These are also great when it's necessary to mail your gift, as they're easy to pack and ship and they're light weight.

I also make these for baby gifts as well.  However, I make them a little different, and will post a picture of the next one I make.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the fan

yes, I did make it - just haven't had time to post it.

I used the Cricut Plantin Schoolbook cartridge and cut out a 9 1/2" oval from a piece of cardboard, another 9 1/2" oval from white vinyl, a 7 1/2" oval from  blue paper (didn't have blue vinyl) and I believe, a 4 1/2" tree/moon from the 50 States cartridge.  I put the white vinyl onto the cardboard, stapled the fat tongue depressor on with a heavier-duty type stapler, covered it up with the blue paper and put on my tree/moon.

It fans fabulously.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Next Project

So it hit me today while I was fanning myself at work (I do that alot).

I'm going to make my own version of a funeral home fan, since funeral homes are too stingy to give 'em out anymore.

I'm of an age that a funeral home fan is a necessity, air conditioner or no air conditioner.

I'm using my Cricut and it's going to be the envy of every other woman my age at church.

And what do we live for, if not to be the envy of other women?

I'll post a picture at the end of the week, because tomorrow night I'm going to the movie - "Inception".

Long as I  have it by Sunday............

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well, Nannie Nannie Boo Boo

Okay, so I didn't win a Silhouette machine.

Well, by grannies, I etched with my Cricut.

The daughter of friends was married last weekend.  She now has the same type mixed marriage that I have - that being, one is from North Carolina and one is from South Carolina.  So I fixed this little candy/snack jar with equal real estate for each one.

Used my Cricut.  I got the 50 states cartridge a few weeks ago, mainly for the beautiful, gorgeous Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon.  I love it.  I've put it on blue envelopes, vinyl cutout for the back windshield of a car, and now this:

Just think of the Christmas tree ornaments with my precious Palmetto Tree/Crescent Moon on them.....drinking glasses....plates....

I think I might cry.