Monday, September 13, 2010

"Patchwork" Double Fold Bias Tape

I have enough of my daddy in me that I hate to throw something away that "I might can use sometime".  Such as a chunk of fabric that's really too small to make something with, but too big to throw out. 

I made up some fast, simple aprons a few years ago for my Nursery babies to use over their pretty Sunday clothes, when they played with Play-Doh.  I used some type of heavy (but not as heavy as duck cloth/canvas) cotton material my neighbor had given me.  I don't know where she got it, but I'd love to get some more.  It's perfect for aprons & other children's stuff that needs a certain amount of stability.

Anyway,  I got to thinking a few days ago that I could use the leftover scraps of color material to make patchwork double fold bias tape.  That way it would give the aprons some color.  It would look a little better to put it around the edges and across the top of the apron as well, but too bad, so sad for tonight.  That's a next timer.

I won't tell you how to make your own doublefold bias tape.  There are a gazillion tutorials out there.  Just Google that baby.

You really need one of those little bias tape maker tools.  It can be done without it - but it's great making the tape with it.

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