Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Primary Music Calling - Whenever I Think about Pioneers

1) "...pioneers...women...men.." - Cricut Paper Doll Dressup;

Handcart came from Cricut My World;

"...children came too..." - lds.org, Friend July 2010;

1) "...like to have been a child then" - Cricut Paper Dolls, Dress Up & Every Day cartridges;

1) "...learned...", boy at Chalkboard - Cricut A Child's Year;

2) "...games they played.." (duck, duck, goose) - Cricut Animal Kingdom;

and yes, I glued these out of order

3) "...joined them in their fun..." - Cricut Nursery Rhymes

1) "...bright starry skies..." - Cricut Plantin for stars, Cricut Nursery Rhymes for moon;

2) "...day's measured journey..." signpost - Cricut Everyday Paper Dolls (Accessories 3 on one of them);

3) Are we there yet - Cricut Going Places

1) "...sung...loud and strong..." - Music flash cards I have;

1) "hosanna..." - Cricut Plantin;

2) "...our new home..." - state clipart from internet;

1) "...joy and thankfulness...their song..." -  google "free blank sheet music"; words are Cricut Plantin

Primary Music Calling - Faith

1) ...sun will rise...each new day - I used Sizzix die cuts, but there are Cricut cartridges;

1) "...hear.." - ear clipart from somewhere????;
2) "...each time I pray..." - picture, lds.org

1) "...seed..." - Seed;

2) "...grow.." tree - Cricut, any tree will do;

1)  "...within my heart."" & Do, Right - Cricut Plantin

1) "...lived with God.." - sky picture I took;

2) "...mortal birth..", baby - Cricut A Child's Year

1) "...can return...", return arrow - Cricut Going Places;

2) "...earth..." - Cricut Going Places;

1) "...trust in God above..." - made a sky picture (for something different)  - Sizzix

2) "...Christ...showed the way..." - picture - lds.org

1) "...faith...grow"  - Cricut Plantin;

2) "O" for obey - Cricut Plantin

Primary Music Calling - The Holy Ghost

1) "When Christ was on the Earth" - picture, lds.org;
2) Earth - Cricut Going Places;
3) For "He promised He would send", I started to put an envelope, but I decided I didn't want to confuse the Jr. Primary kids regarding how the Holy Ghost would be sent to us;

The Holy Ghost to Comfort Us - Used sad face clipart that I think I got from ldsabout.com (I've had it saved on the computer for so long that I'm guessing that's where it came from)

1) Still Small Voice - Cricut Plantin SchoolBook (for words and circles)
2) Surrounding items (that drown out the Still Small Voice) - Carson Dellosa clipart.

1) "He testifies of God and Christ " - picture from lds.org;
2) "And makes our hearts rejoice" - Cricut Plantin SchoolBook
 1) And we we are confirmed... picture - lds.org
2) .....to guide us (arrow pointing toward heaven) every hour - Cricut Going Places (arrow) and My Community (clock)

1) "Oh, may I always listen...." - same as above;

1) "And with his light" - Lamp photo I took;
2) "..do what's right..make a choice" - CTR letters from Cricut Plantin SchoolBook

Primary Music Calling - The Back

Cut the numbers out with the Cricut Plantin Schoolbook

Primary Music Calling, Follow the Prophet - Today

1) World - Cricut Going Places;
2) People are Confused - Cricut Plantin Schoolbook;
3) Go and watch the News, newspaper - Carson Dellosa clipart;
4) We can get direction, arrow - Cricut Going Places;
5) All along our way, highway (I need to cut out a person and put on that highway) - Cricut Going Places;
6) If we heed the prophets - picture, lds.org

Primary Music Calling, Follow the Prophet - Daniel

1) Picture - lds.org;
2) "He refused to sin" - Cricut Going Places & Plantin Schoolbook
3) King - Cricut Nursery Rhymes
4) Lions - Cricut Animal Kingdom
5) "King soon saw" - eyes from a photograph I had taken;
6) "He obeyed God's Law" - cut out picture I had taken of the scriptures;

(I never figured out what to put for "Daniel's power was great" - besides, I ran out of room)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Primary Music Calling, Follow the Prophet - Jonah

1) Jonah picture - lds.org;
2) Tried to run away - Runner: Cricut Going Places;
3) But he later learned (clocks depicting sooner and later times) - Cricut My Community
4) To listen: Cricut My Community
5) When we really try (I Think I Can, I Think I Can) - Cricut train on My Community
6) The Lord won't let us fail - Cricut Going Places
7) Report Card (showing we didn't fail) - just make one up;
8) Whale - Cricut Animal Kingdom

Primary Music Calling, Follow the Prophet - Samuel

1) Samuel picture - lds.org;
2) Chosen a a boy - Cricut "A Child's Year"
3) Hannah promised God her son would serve with joy - Cricut "A Child's Year"
4) In the tabernacle - Sizzix tent (but there's one on a Cricut cartridge somewhere);
5) "Samuel heard his name" words - Plantin;
6) "Here I Am" - Cricut "A Child's Year" - school one and I cut the chalkboard off so that only his hand is raised