Sunday, September 8, 2013

Primary Nusery Music

Because of my dear friend "Clairee", (whom I miss dearly by the way),  I have come out of my blogging coma, at least for a little while, so that I might share some of my Nursery Music Items from way back when (you will see how long ago it has been when you see the "Follow the Prophet" stuff).

FYI, Nursery is the best calling in the church.  Except I can see where it would be a little on the challenging side if you are one of those wards with 30+ Nursery children.

Anyway,  here are pictures of a few items I used for music in Nursery.  I am a visual person, which put me on the same level as the Nursery children.  They're pretty self explanatory.  For the round pictures, I would let each child pick a picture and that's what we would sing.  It didn't matter if they can't even speak, let alone sing.  I would sing a solo.  That happened alot in Sr. Primary too for some reason.

Starring (in order of appearance):

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
The Happy Song (you know - Ducks on the pond quack a happy song, etc.)
In the Leafy Treetops
The Wheels on the Bus
Once There Was a Snowman
I Am Like a Star
The Wise Man, Foolish Man
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
We Are a Happy Family
I Love To See the Temple
The Chapel Doors (or any other going to church song)
Follow the Prophet
Give Said the Little Stream

Some things I used my Cricut for.  Alot of thinks were were pictures I downloaded from  The temple and the Give Said the Little Stream pictures were photographs I took myself.

I have found that repetition works very well when I go into Nursery.  It even helps the children....

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