Friday, December 3, 2010

Music Chimes, Part 3

Cutting Directions:


Rule No. 2: See Rule No. 1

Rule No. 3:  Measure each pipe individually, then cut it before measuring adjacent pipe length.

Measuring and cutting:

1) Measure and using a fine-tipped marker, mark the precise cutting length of one pipe at a time, beginning with #2.  Cut EXACTLY.

2) 1st 10-ft. pipe length you will cut as follows:

Chime no. 2, note B, 13";
Chime no. 3, middle C, 12-5/8";
Chime no. 4, C#, 12-1/4";
Chime no. 5, D, 11-7/8";
Chime no. 6, E flat, 11-1/2";
Chime no. 7, E, 1-1/4";
Chime no. 8, F, 10-7/8";
Chime no. 9, F#, 10-5/8";
Chime no. 10, G, 10-1/4";
Chime no. 18, E flat, 8-1/8";
Chime no. 19, E, 7-7/8";

on the next 10-ft length:
Chime no. 1, B flat, 13-3/8";
Chime no. 11, A flat, 9-7/8";
Chime no. 12, A, 9-5/8";
Chime no. 13, B flat, 9-3/8";
Chime no. 14, B, 9-1/8";
Chime no. 15, C, 8-7/8";
Chime no. 16, C#, 8-5/8";
Chime no. 17, D, 8-3/8"

Did I mention that they have to be cut EXACT?????

3) After cutting each pipe, number each one with a label of masking tape to keep them straight until you finish cutting and label them permanently.

4) Measure down 2" from top of each pipe and mark for drill hole.  Use a drill press (or some device to securely hold each pipe) and drill a 1/8" hole exactly straight through both walls of the pipe.  File off any burrs that remain inside or outside of drill holes so they will not alter the pitch of the pipe.

5) Thread 14" piece of plastic cording through each drilled pipe hole and tie in a secure square knot.  Do not trim ends yet as you may wish to adjust length so all pipes hang an equal distance from the top if stored in the wooden frame.

6) To label each pipe, use a permanent black marker.

7) 1" up from the bottom end, mark the pipe numeral 1" high (longest = #1, B flat, shortest = #19, E).  4" above this, write the letter name in capitals, adding sharps or flats as indicated.

8) Mallets are made by cutting each dowel into 9" lengths, then gluing one end into a macrame bead with Tacky glue.  Make sure the bead hole is snug enough to keep the dowel from slipping clear through.

Pictures of chimes to follow.  As well as charts showing which chimes to use for what songs. 

These are such a pain to make, but they are SO MUCH FUN in Primary.  That's why I don't pull them out very often - it keeps their interest that way.

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