Thursday, December 2, 2010

Music Chimes, Part 2

Before I begin, let me give credit for these instructions where credit belongs.  You didn't actually think I was smart enough to figure this out, did you?

Years and years ago, before the days of internet, blogging and all things wonderful in the world of technology, we had to rely on the U.S Post Office to bring ideas to us.  Therefore, at that time, I subscribed to an "idea" periodical, called "The Grapevine".  I have tried to Google it, so I could just send you to the site for these instructions, therefore, giving proper credit where proper credit is due.  However, no-could-find-it, so this is as close as I could get to giving said proper credit.

That being said....

You will be making: 

19 chimes 


as many mallets as you think you'll need (12-16 is preferred for group use).  

Most materials are available at hardware (Lowe's, Lowe's - did I mention Lowe's?), variety or craft stores.

You will need to purchase:

1) 20 ft. of 1/2" (inside diameter) thin-walled EMT (Electrical Mechanical Tubing).  It's usually sold in 10 ft lengths.  There will be approximately 3 1/2" remnant of pipe left over (good for one lower-pitched pipe).

2) Copper tubing pipe cutter, which will accommodate 3/4" pipe (makes cutting easier and more precise).

3) 22 ft. plastic cording to make 19 hanging loops of 14" length (however, I just use fishing line);

4) 30-mm round wooden macrame' beads with 5/16" diameter hole to just accommodate dowel.

5) 36" wooden dowels 5/16" diameter (should fit snugly inside hole of wooden macrame' bead, check bead hole size first before deciding on diameter of dowel).

Cutting instructions to follow on next post.

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