Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well, Nannie Nannie Boo Boo

Okay, so I didn't win a Silhouette machine.

Well, by grannies, I etched with my Cricut.

The daughter of friends was married last weekend.  She now has the same type mixed marriage that I have - that being, one is from North Carolina and one is from South Carolina.  So I fixed this little candy/snack jar with equal real estate for each one.

Used my Cricut.  I got the 50 states cartridge a few weeks ago, mainly for the beautiful, gorgeous Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon.  I love it.  I've put it on blue envelopes, vinyl cutout for the back windshield of a car, and now this:

Just think of the Christmas tree ornaments with my precious Palmetto Tree/Crescent Moon on them.....drinking glasses....plates....

I think I might cry.

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  1. Really nice. Looking through your blog and it's great the things you create.
    I'm following you. :)