Sunday, February 21, 2010

Primary Music Calling, Follow the Prophet - Adam

Since most Jr. Primary munchkins cannot read, trying to teach them a new song, let alone a new song with 457 verses to it, is a reason almost worthy of apostasy. Okay, I jest. But it is a challenge. Nursery children can sing the same song over and over, every week and love it. As a matter of fact, they get a little upset if you DON'T sing the ones they're use to over and over.

However, by the time they get to Jr. Primary, a little variety seems to be the order of the day.

We've jumped a little ahead and have started working on Follow the Prophet already, since, as I may have mentioned, it has 457 verses.

Therefore, Jr. Primary needs all the no-word visual they can get.

So here's the visual for Verse 1 - Adam Was a Prophet:

1) Adam and Eve - from;
2) #1 - Cricut cutout - Plantin SchoolBook cartridge;
3) Food - Carson-Dellosa clipart CD - "Seasons, Holidays, and Celebrations Clip Art", you can of course improvise on this with magazine pictures or whatever;
4) Footsteps ("following his ways"), Sizzix die cut;
5) One way - Photograph I took;
5) Little People - Sizzix thing that you can't get anymore - sorry.

Again, I use my Cricut ALOT and Carson Delosa clipart ALOT.

My construction paper of choice is the Peacock brand, sulphite construction paper.  And I cut it before I start gluing stuff on so that it will fit in a page protector.

Also, please note that on the back of each of these, I put a huge cutout #1, #2, etc., in the middle on the back, along with the words to the verse glued at the top right hand corner (large enough to read, but small enough not to take up much room on the back).  I'll take a picture of the back and post it when I get a chance.

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