Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Like My Stuff

I have fun with my stuff. It saves my sanity. And since I love to be nosy, and see what other people do with their stuff (maybe, possibly, I just might look at total strangers' blogs once in a while), I took a poll, and that person said she thought there could be somebody out there who would be interested in what I do with some of my stuff. (Allright, already, just because she's home with twin toddlers all day, and therefore she might, just might, be a little desperate for something to look at, what's your point? But hey, there are some howsomevermany billions of people in the world. You never know. There just may be that one person out there who's been searching for years for someone to show them how to make paper flowers out of toilet paper).

Keep in mind, I generally develop a strong interest in something and pretty much become obsessed with it for a while. Then some sort of old-age-attention-deficit takes over and, phooey, I move on to something else. Therefore, this will be one seriously random blog.

First thing, ya gotta have your priorities straight. In order to have a little moola for the stuff and things, ya gotta save moola somewhere else. Therefore, you need to develop a slight coupon addiction. Get yourself a big notebook, some notebook dividers, and some baseball card holders (you need all of that to organize your coupons). Then go here.

So, stuff will start showing up this weekend. Just remember, I warned you about the randomness. (Is randomness a word? It is now.)

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