Sunday, November 28, 2010

Redneck's Guide to Spray Painting Ornaments

Let's say you've picked up some clear glass ornaments, just knowing that all the way home, you will be gushing with inspiration as to what you can do with these babies.

Sure enough the inspiration comes.  And then you realize you have to figure out a way to paint the little sucker without having to stand there holding it on your index finger for 30 minutes waiting on it to dry.

Most likely, there are cutesie little items out there designed to hold ornaments whilst you spray paint 'em.

Cutesie, I'm not...Redneck, I am.

Therefore I give you, the Redneck Ornament Holder...

Step 1:

Pick out one of your favorite empty Dawn detergent bottles  you've saved for just the right occasion.

Step 2:

Fill it 3/4 full with play sand (preferably some that the cat hasn't gotten to yet):

 Step 3:

Put your dowel rod down in the play sand,

ornament on top

and spray away.

(You could probably use a stick out of the yard, but being the uppity redneck that I am, I used a dowel rod).

Step 4:

Add the finishing touches and admire your handiwork (I used the 50 States cartridge from Cricut).

And No, not everybody from the Palmetto state is a redneck.  But I am.

For an FYI, I got some of the spray Frosting Paint from Michael's a few weeks ago - close to $10.00 for a 6 oz. can (I did use a Michael's 40% off coupon, but that was still $6.00);

Went to Lowe's Friday and they had an 11 oz. can (different brand) for about $4.00 (maybe $5.00ish).

Nothing against Michael's - I love Michael's.  I'm just saying, you do the math.

(Paints used for the Palmetto Tree/Crescent Moon ornament - the blue and the flat:)



  1. I'm a fellow Palmetto Stater! Love those!


  2. Saw the link up! My husband is a South Carolinia and would love these ornaments! I just might have to convince him the cricut is worth it now!

  3. Too cute. :) I'm from the Palmetto state as well!!