Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Primary Music Calling - The Holy Ghost

1) "When Christ was on the Earth" - picture, lds.org;
2) Earth - Cricut Going Places;
3) For "He promised He would send", I started to put an envelope, but I decided I didn't want to confuse the Jr. Primary kids regarding how the Holy Ghost would be sent to us;

The Holy Ghost to Comfort Us - Used sad face clipart that I think I got from ldsabout.com (I've had it saved on the computer for so long that I'm guessing that's where it came from)

1) Still Small Voice - Cricut Plantin SchoolBook (for words and circles)
2) Surrounding items (that drown out the Still Small Voice) - Carson Dellosa clipart.

1) "He testifies of God and Christ " - picture from lds.org;
2) "And makes our hearts rejoice" - Cricut Plantin SchoolBook
 1) And we we are confirmed... picture - lds.org
2) .....to guide us (arrow pointing toward heaven) every hour - Cricut Going Places (arrow) and My Community (clock)

1) "Oh, may I always listen...." - same as above;

1) "And with his light" - Lamp photo I took;
2) "..do what's right..make a choice" - CTR letters from Cricut Plantin SchoolBook

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